Basketball is a sport that has become very popular in recent times. Many people, especially youths, opt to play this sport. Some people go to institutions to learn how to play or to polish their techniques or skills in a particular direction of this sport. The fees for these schools and institutes vary according to the courses opted for and many other options. Depending upon the courses and your overall talent, you can also get a scholarship for playing and learning. You should be aware of all options available for you if you wish to learn basketball seriously.

Course fee structure

Any Basketball camps for boys or lessons have approximate flat rate depending upon the package you choose for yourself and the number of classes it has. The fees structure varies from online to classroom programs. The classroom programs have a higher fee than the online courses. The fees are also determined on the basis of the number of classes you opt for. The entire package is responsible for the expenditure. Personal trainers may also charge you on an hourly basis. There are various other payment and expenditure options that you can avail of depending upon your needs.


Scope for scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students by Basketball Instruction Houston institutes. It depends upon your talents and skills regarding this sport. You may have to sit for a test that could be written or practical. You will be judged on your skills and given a scholarship accordingly. Only merit based scholarships are available.

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